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Thread: 1967-01-12 The 7 & 1/2 Club, London, England

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    1967-01-12 The 7 & 1/2 Club, London, England

    Thursday, January 12th, 1967
    The 7 & 1/2 Club, London, England

    no recording has surfaced
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    Re: 1967-01-12 The 7 & 1/2 Club, London, England

    The band mimes for Radio London,at Olympia 1967 International Racing Car Show.

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    Re: 1967-01-12 The 7 & 1/2 Club, London, England

    Thursday 12 January 1967
    London W1, 7 ½ Club, 5 Whitehorse Street, Mayfair, England. JHE
    Concert - opening night of this small, but up-market, club. 1st in a short ‘showcase' residency - (60minutes) at 01:00 (13th).
    Noel was probably using Chas’ four-string Gibson EB2 bass.
    Fee: Noel, “£35”. John Brewer, £“40”
    Songs: unknown

    Noel (from his diary): “£35”, ie what the band’s fee was.
    Noel (in 1992): “We were doing clubs like the 7 ½ for £7”, [ie that would be a straight 5 way cut from the £35, actually it would be a fair bit less cash after Jimi’s extra cut & deductions. IF they hadn’t been on a weekly wage of £15/£25 at this point etc. etc. Ed.]:
    Noel (in his 1990 book): “Costs were forever escalating, so it was no big deal when we got a £20 bonus and a raise to £25 from £15 per week in mid-January, and then up to £30 in mid-February. [...] Thinking of my earlier bands that had made less and taken home more, I started to write down the gig fee whenever I could discover it.”

    Mitch Mitchell: “In mid January ’67 we had a brief residency at the 7 ½ Club in White Horse Street in Mayfair. The place had been in existence for several years under various names and was another up-market Blaises kind of place, only smaller. That was where Mick Jagger, McCartney and all those people came to see us. Brigitte Bardot came down one night as well. It was another showcase for us, we played there about five times in a week. In fact I think it was our last showcase gig. We’d already started playing the provinces[ie, gigs outside of the general area around London. Ed.] by then.”

    “I don’t know how they [Jimi & Brian Jones] first met, probably through Brian coming to some of our early gigs like the 7 ½ Club or wherever.”

    Record Mirror (12-01-67) Pop Shorts ‘CLUB SCENE’:
    “New West End club opening in London this week, the 7½ (Sete E. Meio) in Whitehorse Street. W.1. THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE appear there during the first week.”

    Chris Welch: “The next night everybody went again to see Jimi and the Experience, this time at the opening of a new club, the short lived 7½ just off Piccadilly. The audience sweltering but determined not to miss a note, included Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Anita Pallenberg, Fenella Fielding, Brian Epstein[possibly] and The Misunderstood – an American band with steel guitarist Glen Campbell[no relation].
    Once again Jimi’s effect on audiences, consisting largely of musicians not exactly easy to impress, was staggering.”

    Chas: “Those London club dates were fortunate because everybody came to see him including Jagger and Jones and the Beatles. They all went around telling people about the cat playing guitar with his teeth.”

    “The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the aristocracy of music at the time and they very early on became big fans of Jimi. I mean, I remember Jagger turning round in an interview one day, he said, ‘Why the Hell are you interviewing me, you should be interviewing Jimi Hendrix.’ Things like that made it happen so quickly.”

    Mick Jagger: “The opening night of some terrible discotheque, you know. It was when discotheques were all the rage and there was no, few people, you know. I went down with Marianne, you know an’-um, he was just amazing, I mean, he was just amazing, blew me head off, completely.”

    NME (26-01-67), What did you think of Jimi Hendrix’s stage act?
    Mick Jagger: “I dig it—nice atmosphere in the club where I saw him. Most sexual thing I’ve seen for a long time!”

    Marianne Faithfull: “I saw Jimi Hendrix at the 7½. I’d gone because Mick told me about him. He said he’d seen Hendrix in New York and it had taken his breath away. I sat in this tiny basement club for hours [exagerration. Ed.] and watched him play. A Tantric vision in fashionable crushed velvet pants and a ruffled shirt. He was very awkward [not according to anyone else, or the several photos of other gigs from this time. Ed.] he sang with his back to the stage [? what!? Played with his back to the audience, now and then, more like. Ed.], or into his guitar [ie playing with his teeth. Ed.], and mumbled so badly that you couldn’t hear a word [!? broken mic./bad sound?]. There were long unexplained gaps, while he discussed what he was going to play next with Mitch and Noel where he fiddled with his amps [sounds like amp problems plus his sometimes ‘chatty’ style. Ed.]. He hadn’t got his persona together—he wasn’t yet the Voodoo Chile—and you could see he was painfully shy [bollocks! Ed.].

    Paul McCartney: “He was finally coming in the front door. I think his stint in England gave him the confidence. We was he-we were all worshipping him, how could he not have confidence.”

    Bill Wyman: “[after the Bag O’ Nails I saw him a few nights later (ie at this club, probably on this night)]”

    Jon Brewer: It was on October 21, 1967 [mixed up, 45 years later Ed.] My sister and her boyfriend ran the club at that time [had just opened it! Ed.], and she asked me if I wanted to come down and see this amazing American guitarist [not ‘known’/portrayed as just a guitarist, but as a ‘performer’/’act’ ie ‘singer’ as well. Ed.]

    Later interview: “First time I saw Jimi Hendrix was at the 7 ½ club. It was the opening night for the club and he’d agreed for a small sum of £40 a night to play there as long as he could rehearse his band. I’m sitting there in the 7 ½ club next to Paul McCartney, Brian Jones, the Beatles. I was just absolutely amazed at the turnout, and suddenly the atmosphere was just electric and Jimi, lights dimmed, and Jimi literally jumped on the small stage wearing this fantastic Hussars military jacket [too early for this, mistaken for the Vets jacket? Ed.] and went straight into ‘Wild Thing’ [unlikely, this was his big closing number. Ed.].”

    Thursday 19 (21) January 1967
    MELODY MAKER (page 2) The Raver’s Weekly Tonic ‘The High Cost Of Raving’: “A SOUR note is creeping into the sweet sound of success of London's discotheques. It is the sound of waiters charging severe prices for drinks. Endless clubs have opened with promises of "drinks at reasonable prices" only to fall into evil ways and start squeezing every form of coin, note and groat from their pleasure-seeking customers. Your Raver reports several miserable scenes recently. For example, at one club last week, an ex-pop journalist charged an old colleague the princely sum of 32s 6d for three Scotches and a Coke. At another club 69s 6d was charged for seven scotches. In both cases only doubles were served "because we're not allowed to serve singles." Pop guitarist David O'List says: "I was charged 12s for two lagers in one club. Then a guy knocked them over and refused to give me a refund." Nobody expects public bar prices in night clubs, but surely some cheaper drinks can be sold. Not all customers are pop millionaires.”
    [...] Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Anita Pallenberg, Finella Fielding and the Misunderstood went to see Jimi Hendrix at the new 7½ Club . . .

    Friday 27 (28) January 1967
    NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS (cover, center of top banner) ‘TOP POP NEWS’ ‘THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE’ ‘Exclusive story and pictures’.
    (Page 2) [(backstage 7 ½ club?) 2 B&W photos of Jimi swinging his guitar about & 1 of him ‘eating’ it: ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience Off stage he’s nervous, shy, gentle. But performing he’s the wildest thing happening on the London club scene.’] ‘The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The Scene’s Wildest Raver’ article/interview [20 January, Anim, London] by John King: “The most obvious thing about Jimi Hendrix is that he’s not pretty – neither is his raw, exciting brand of beat music. This has not stopped him from setting the pop scene on it’s ear. The perceptive Mr Jagger has dropped into a late night club to hear his brilliant guitar-antics and the shrewd Mr. McCartney has invited him back to a little evening soirée with John Mayall and Marianne Faithfull.
    In short, the Jimi Hendrix Experience is happening on the London club scene and ‘Hey Joe’ (No.8 this week) is reflecting the enthusiasm.”

    Thursday 9 March 1967
    DISC & MUSIC ECHO (page?) ‘The in scene where it all happens!’: Here’s a guide to five of the top clubs of the moment:
    7½, 5 Whitehorse Street, W.1.: The young Mayfair dinnerjacketed brigade freak out here. Dancers take up most of the room, watched by drinkers from surrounding tables. Resident Motown playing groups. Visitors have included Paul McCartney, Tony Hicks [Hollies] and Marianne Faithful.
    Membership 3gns. Admission 15s., whisky 5s.

    Catherine [ex Playboy Bunny ‘Terri’]: “The Seven and a Half Club was in a small street off Piccadilly - White Horse Street. Between Piccadilly and the Shepherds Market. The Penthouse Club was opposite it on the same street. It was only open for a short time.”.
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