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Thread: 1967-01-21 The Refectory, London, England

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    1967-01-21 The Refectory, London, England

    Saturday, January 21st, 1967
    The Refectory, London, England

    no recording has surfaced
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    Re: 1967-01-21 The Refectory, London, England

    Saturday 21 January 1967
    London NW11, The Refectory [pub], 911 Finchley Road, Golders Green, England. JHE
    Although a small basement club it was part of the ‘bread-&-butter’ cicuit that many well known R&B/ ‘rock’ acts of the day played.
    Noel was probably using Chas’ 4-string Gibson EB2 bass.
    Concert (50 minutes)

    Songs: unknown

    Noel: “Jimi’s amp blew.”

    Richard Thompson [Fotheringay]: The first time I saw Hendrix was at The Refectory, Golders Green.

    LJC: [... Vara recording session] It is a taste of what might have followed. Dolphy is more fearless than ever, plunging in whatever direction the moment suggests. The rhythm section is no makeweight. Mengelberg artfully morphs into Monk on demand and the quartet pushes along the supporting structure to Dolphy’s high-wire acrobatics with energy. All the more remarkable for being in front of a selected live audience.
    I was fortunate to see the Jimi Hendrix at a small London suburb basement club-date in early 1967, shortly after the release of Hey Joe and before the world had woken up to the Jimi Hendrix Experience. I can only imagine the same stunned reaction we experienced at that time, in the presence of greatness.
    Anonymous [June 30, 2013 at 23:54] “I have recorded in that Hilversum studio [VARA. Ed.]. Wonderful sounding room.
    Where did you see Hendrix? Star Hotel Croydon?”
    LJC: [July 1, 2013 at 10:17]: “The Refectory, Golders Green, basement of pub, capacity as best I recall maybe 150 to 200 people, if that.”

    Adam Edwards: ‘Jimi Hendrix: The greatest rock guitarist of all time’. [...] “I saw the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the basement club of the Refectory Pub in London’s Golders Green the week the group’s first single Hey Joe was released.
    It was one of the band’s very first gigs (it was December 1966 [sic]) and there were fewer than 30 people in the audience. Hendrix was wearing a dark red frilly shirt and he played the guitar left handed and upside down.
    He also played it behind his back and with his teeth and the resulting sound, bent by a wah-wah pedal [sic] and corrupted with feedback, sprayed from him like sparks from an angle grinder.” [...]

    Richard Shirman (singer of The Attack, question by Mike Stax about RSG): “I do remember—this shows what a dirty old man I am—I do remember being fascinated by a blue vein in Marianne Faithfull’s décolletage—transfixed by it. I remember the Supremes and like when the Who were on and things like that, but I don’t remember that clearly, to be honest. I do know that when Ready Steady Go moved, because originally it was in High Holborn, right in the middle of town, but then it moved out to the sticks, to Stonebridge Park near Wembley, which is about 10 miles away, and afterwards there’d be a crowd of us would go along to a place in Golders Green called the Refectory, which was just a pub, but there would be playing, usually, the Birds—Ronnie Wood, Ali McKenzie, Pete [McDaniel] and all those people. I got quite matey with Ronnie Wood. In fact, when Davy O’List left the Attack, the first person I had lined up and had talked to about replacing him was in fact Ronnie Wood. But then he was offered the bass playing gig with Jeff Beck—who had the hit with “Hi Ho Silver Lining”—and that was sort of the end of that! (laughs) If things had been slightly different, just think where he could be now! (laughs).”
    [ 15-06-2012]

    Roger Lewis [UK]: “I didn't know Cyril personally. I used to watch Cyril and the All Stars at the Golders Green Refectory in the early 60s. It was a long dance floor with a small stage on one of the sides rather than at the end. Rod Stewart and Long John Baldry sat round a table near the stage waiting to go on. I was a drummer in a beat band at the time learning to play blues harmonica on the side. I used to watch him in awe and wonder: the nearest thing to Little Walter this side of the Pond. For a while the All Stars had backing singers: Peggy Phango's Velvettes from the South African musical 'King Kong'. When I lived in Islington I knew Louise, who was one of Peggy Velvette's and a jazz standards singer who performed around the pubs and clubs.
    [July 1, 2008]

    Chris-H [Ivy original]: “The Refectory club was in a basement under a small bar also called The Refectory near Golders green Underground station in NW London. It was oddly set out with a small stage against a longish wall and a hole-in-the-wall bar at the far end [ie similar lay-out as the Cafe Au Go Go in NewYork. Ed.]. Most of the bands appearing there played on the Marquee or Flamingo circuit. I often went there on Friday nights in 1963/4 and saw bands like Jimmy Powell & the 5 Dimensions, Manfred Mann, Zoot Money's Big Roll Band, The Birds [no relation] and best of all, Cyril Davies R&B Allstars with Long John Baldry and Rod Stewart. Davies was an absolutely dynamic harp player who died shortly after this. The Allstars carried on for a time as the Hoochie Coochie Men with Baldry.”

    Nyetimber4 [Youtube]: “I used to hear this band [Mick Mulligan’s Magnolia Jazz Band] on Friday nights at the Refectory Golders Green, they were absolutely fantastic. This was during the mid 50's. I actually sat in with them one night playing Tuba, must have sounded terrible as I didn't know what I was doing, I only hired the thing from Boosey & Hawkes for the week end.”

    Saturday 21 January 1967
    [UNKNOWN paper] (page?) Advert for JHE gig at ‘The Refectory’ [a famous pub gig. Ed.], London: “JIMI HENDRIX’S EXPERIENCE”

    Saturday 21 (28) January 1967
    BILLBOARD (page?) ‘Hits Of The World’ ‘Britain’ [from Thursday’s (UK) Record Retailer]:
    3 ( 6) Happy Jack—Who (Reaction)—Fabulous
    13 (21) I Feel Free—Cream (Reaction)—Dratleas [sic Dratleaf]
    16 (32) Hey Joe—Jimi Hendrix (Polydor)—Yameta.
    26 (--) Let’s Spend The Night Together—Rolling Stones (Decca)—Mirage
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    Re: 1967-01-21 The Refectory, London, England

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