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Thread: 1968-01-28 Olympic Studios, London, England

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    1968-01-28 Olympic Studios, London, England

    Sunday, January 28th, 1968

    Tax Free


    Jimi Hendrix
    Eddie Kramer
    Chas Chandler


    This session produced the rhythm guitar overdubs for Tax Free, in which Jimi ran his guitar through a Leslie organ speaker. Chas and Jimi had conflicting opinions on if this was the "final touch" to complete Tax Free. Chas thought it was complete, Jimi didn't (he would come back to it months later at the Record Plant in NYC and still couldn't make up his mind.)

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    Re: 1968-01-28 Olympic Studios, London, England

    Sunday 28 January 1968 – no gig
    London, Olympic Sound Studios. JHE
    Neville: “Set off for recording studio for 5:30.”
    Producer: Chas Chandler
    Engineers: Eddie Kramer

    Tax Free (1, 2, 3, 20, 22)
    (guitar overdub though a Leslie speaker)

    a.o. unknown

    Neville: “Finished sorting gear out for States while boys were recording. Group left studio at 1:00. Stayed there mending leads, finally left 4:00 in the morning. . .Left for Paris 6:15.”

    This is the last recording date that we know of until JHE’s 2 month ‘The British Are Coming’ (Hugh Hopper: ‘the ’68 nightmare tour’ - a wild exagerration when applied to the musicians) was over. This ‘nightmare’ label came from the sole ‘Soft Machine’ road crew member (only assisted by one other, JHE’s sole roady, Neville, who did almost all the driving). Neville, through his diary, and use of amphetamine, appears to have seen himself engaged in an ‘On The Road’ type of oddyssey. Due to poor logistical economic forsight, (ie suitably robust ‘flightcase’ protection still not being thought of as economically viable to make/be designed/available/at the time and the subsequent in-transit damage to the gear – well duh!), he drove a huge ammount of miles, which eventually burnt him out, causing him to leave when the 1st 1968 “tour” (‘The British Are Coming’) was over and go back home to England, not to return.
    These two roadies “tour” was utterly different from the 3 JHE members and their ‘road manager’, Gerry Stickells, who mostly flew everywhere, on the day, or occasionally day before, to concerts - unless they felt like a bit of sight-seeing on a day off between concerts, when Gerry would drive them).
    There is no way that the two subsequent “tours”, ie periods of playing concerts, separated by months, months that included lengthy periods of studio recording, notably that group of sessions - after the ‘Btitush Are Coming’/(‘nightmare’) tour was over - that produced his master work, ‘Electric Ladyland’ (during which he only played two US gigs that were organised in and for that time, the other one, near the beginning was a ‘hold-over’ due to Dr. King’s murder), none of which can be rationally considered ‘part’ of one single “tour”, for a musician who was a US citizen, based in New York City, who played music concerts in that country as part of his career there. The short time he spent playing concerts outside of the US during 1968 (in June and July) were so separated and so few they can hardly be considered as “tours” or a ‘part’ of anything, they were just a few oportune gigs during an extended holiday for the English members of his group/organisation, during which he, himself, only left New York City a couple of times, a total of about a month, during that four month period when he created the Electric Ladyland LP.

    Monday 29 January 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    Paris 9čme. arr., l’Olympia, 22 Rue Caumartin, Région Parisienne, France
    JHE flew in from London, about 1 hour 30 mins in the air.
    Noel: “[This] was a welcome break and we recieved warmth and enthusiasm. We bought some of the latter ourselves in the form of metherdrine, which gave an energetic and sociable high that helped pull the group together (temporarily).”
    Tuesday 30 January 1968 – no gig
    New York City, Copter Club, NY
    Noel: “Spiking our morning orange juice with liquid meth, we set off to reconquer America.”
    JHE flew in from Paris via London, ~ 1 hour 30 mins, a 1 ˝ hour wait in London then ~ 8 hours 30 mins in the air, to New York City.
    JHE were back in Jimi’s home town, New York City after his 2nd visit to Europe (5˝ months).
    JHE attended a press junket, their helicopter from the airport was cancelled (fog) and they were driven into town by limo.
    Noel: “By the time we had arranged [a limo] we were methed to to the gills,.”
    New York City, ‘Pink Teacup,’ Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village
    Jimi, Mike Jeffery, Nancy Reiner (girlfriend of Mike), and jounalist Al Aronowitz went out for dinner together.
    Al Aronowitz (journalist): “We went out for soul food on Seventh Avenue, the first thing Jimi wanted to eat in America because he could never get any in England.”
    Noel: “After the press conference was over, we hit the town, Salvation and Scene.”
    Wednesday 31 January 1968 – no gig
    New York City, Wellington Hotel, NY
    JHE were in Jimi’s home town, New York City.
    Thursday 1 February 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    San Francisco, The Fillmore, 1805 Geary Boulevard, CA
    JHE flew in from NYC (about 5 hours 30 mins in the air) for a four night residency, moved after the 1st night to the much larger Winterland. They were not “touring” they were stationary, it was a 4 night residency, not a ‘one-nighter’
    Friday 2 February 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    San Francisco, Winterland, 2000 Post Street, CA
    Jimi was interviewed and photographed at their Fisherman’s Wharf hotel for Rolling Stone.
    JHE 2nd night in San Francisco
    Neville: "[...] Not a bad show. Packed all gear away. Got taxi back to hotel. 2 Girls came back with us, twin sisters, talked for a while, then went to bed about 5:00."
    [The cover of ‘Other Scenes’ magazine (1969) has a B&W photo of Jimi sitting with two women sitting astride his thighs, all three are mostly naked and the women look very similar. But another possibility is 26-03-68, Cleveland, Jane Scott (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 27 March) : “Jimi Hendrix was.. .hard to talk to, but for different reasons. Backstage.. .he had a date on each arm, each cuddling up for attention. One of the crew whispered that the two women were sisters. So much for the innocence of the ‘60s!”
    Friday 2?/3? February 1968
    San Francisco, unknown venue, CA
    Mick Taylor remembered that he and members of the Bluesbreakers jammed with Jimi Hendrix (gtr).
    Saturday 3 February 1968 - 2 shows, 30 + 25 min
    San Francisco, Winterland, 2000 Post Street, CA
    JHE 3rd night in San Francisco
    Sunday 4 February 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    San Francisco, Winterland, 2000 Post Street, CA
    JHE 4th night in San Francisco
    Monday 5 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Tempe, Sun Devils Gym, Arizona State University, AZ.
    First gig of the “tour”, ie ‘one-nighters’, travelling can be quite ‘tiring’, that is what the complaints were all about eg “Poor Jimi, being forced to “tour” night after night, endlessly by his evil manager and having to write and record on the same days as he was playing on, or on the very occasional day that he wasn’t out “on the road”!
    JHE flew into Phoenix from San Francisco, drove (20 mins) to the gig in Tempe and back to Phoenix after the gig.
    Nearly the entire 1st US headlining ‘The British Are Coming’ “tour” (Hugh Hopper : ‘Nightmare tour’) was done in two months (The San Francisco gigs were a 4 night residency, they were not moving ie “touring”, the tour proper only started on 5th in Tempe (‘Phoenix’), Jimi was back home in New York on the 3rd April so 5th Feb - ended 2nd April, 40 cities in 58 days (43 cities in 66 days if you must) Mitch exaggerated it to “40 cities in under 50 days” and then “49 cities in 52 days” and “We were doing two show a night,” as if that was the norm, which it wasn’t.), the most in February ([29 days] 20 different cities, 24 dates, 36 shows – ie only 12 were 2 show gigs)), the rest in March (18 cities, 18 dates, 24 shows – ie only 6 were two show gigs) & April (4 cities, 4 dates, 5 shows – 1 was a two show gig).
    Some of these cities were only a 30 min to a 1 hour drive away from the hotel they were staying in – eg ‘Phoenix’ (Tempe/Tucson); Los Angeles (Los Angeles/Anaheim/Santa Barbara) & Dallas (Dallas/Houston)
    This “tour” finished pre-ELL sessions.
    Tuesday 6 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Tucson, VIP Club, 5915 E. Speedway Boulevard, AZ
    JHE drove in from Phoenix (2 hours) and back again after the gig, ie two nights in Phoenix.
    The night before the Orangeburg S.C. massacre, after an attempt was made to desgegregate the local bowling alley by ‘black’ students from S.C. State College, ‘whites’ drove through the campus shooting randomly, luckily only a campus guard was shot and wounded.
    Wednesday 7 February 1968 – no gig
    Sacramento, Holiday Inn, CA.
    JHE flew into Sacramento from Phoenix
    JHE ‘day off’.
    Matt Taylor: “Jimi, Mitch, and Noel arrived at Sacramento Metropolitan Airport the evening of Wednesday, 7 February, and checked into a Holiday Inn northeast of down town. Accompanied since their arrival by members and friends of the student group presenting the concert, Jimi and Mitch decided to go see a band at a nightclub and afterward went for a late dinner.”
    Thursday 8 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Sacramento State College, Men’s Gym, CA
    JHE arrived in Sacramento the day before.
    The Holiday Inn. JHE are interviewed by Harry Martin of KCRA TV, colour film.
    The Orangeburg S.C. ‘massacre’ took place that evening, an estimated 200 unarmed ‘black’ students from S.C. State College were holding a meeting on campus about segregation, when a large police presence threatened them, items were thrown and a patrolman was hurt (allegedly), but it was a full 5 minutes after his ‘injury’ when 9 members of the S.C. Highway patrol attacked them, shooting into the fleeing crowd with heavy buckshot and revolvers, three students were killed (one not involved just sitting nearby) and 27 were hospitalized, one suffered a miscarriage. A miracle more did not die. None of the patrol men (murderers) were punished. But a wounded ‘black’ student was later fitted up with a bogus charge of inciting a riot and given 7 months.
    Friday 9 February 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    Anaheim Convention Centre, 800 West Katella Avenue, CA.
    JHE flew into Los Angeles (Jimi’s West Coast base) from Sacramento slightly over 1 hour 30 mins. Drove to the gig at Anaheim (30 mins - Los Angeles metro area, home of ‘Disneyland’.) and back to L.A. after the gig.
    Saturday 10 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Los Angeles, The Shrine Auditorium, Jefferson & Hoover, CA.

    JHE were staying in L.A., ie second night in L.A., Jimi’s West Coast base.
    Sunday 11 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Santa Barbara, Robertson Gym, University of California, Ocean Road, CA.
    JHE drove in from L.A – about an hour and a half and drove back to LA again after the gig, ie 3 nights in L.A., Jimi’s West Coast base.
    Monday 12 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Seattle Center Coliseum, 1st Avenue N., WA
    JHE flew in from Los Angeles, about 2 hours 30 mins.
    Noel: “...10-30, had a smoke got so [stoned]... plane, took 2 ˝ hours.... hotel. Watched T.V. had a smoke...[washed] my hair, went to gig at 7-... Elinore in L.A....”
    “In Seattle, Jimi’s family [‘family’ ie Al his dad [?] And Leon his ˝ brother. Ed] was waiting for us at the airport. It was a triumphal return. Jimi recieved a key to the city, and Mitch and I were made to feel welcome in a warm, happy family reunion. I got stoned with Jimi’s brother Leon and caught the odd moment with my new super-eight camera. It was a brief hiatus however.
    Concert at 20:00 (45 minutes) Jimi’s homecoming
    Mitch: “The next day we played in Seattle, Jimi's home town, of course. I'm not sure how long it had been since he'd last been there or seen his folks— several years, certainly. I know going back had been on his mind for a while and he was probably a little apprehensive about it [‘a little apprehensive’ would be a huge underestimate, I imagine? Ed.]. Anyway they met us at the airport, lovely family, father a charming man. He'd remarried at some point and there were all these really beautiful girls, who were Jimi's new relatives. I remember him saying, ‘Oh, you're my sister? Really?' My opinion was, 'Keep it out of the family, very nice to meet you.' Al, Jimi's Dad, was obviously delighted to see his son and genuinely pleased that he'd made good. We all went over to Al's place in the afternoon....” [sic, his ‘folks’? his mum had been dead for years, his ˝ brother Leon (apparently a pork-pie hatted wannabe ‘hood’), the dad’s new wife, a Japanese-American woman who he’s not had any contact with cannot suddenly become your ‘mum’, neither can her un-met, unrelated, grown/half grown daughters suddenly become your ‘sisters’ in any real sense! (Jimi already had two blood sisters, and another brother given up to the state for adoption, the whole Hendrix ‘family’ thing is just so disgraceful. It’s almost unbelievable, unthinkably sad) Especially when Al (a very strange and manipulative man IMHO), nastily, chose to adopt only one of the girls (the one born out of wedlock by a different father from her other children it seems like?)! I am sure Jimi was just being ‘nice’ to June and co. Of course anyone would say reassuring stuff to a little girl, doesn’t mean anything more, it’s not an agreement to a fuckin’ contract! Ed.]
    Tuesday 13 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Los Angeles, Grand Ballroom, Ackerman Union, UCLA, 308 Westwood Plaza, CA
    JHE flew back to L.A. (Jimi’s West Coast base) from Seattle, about 2 1/2 hour flight.
    Noel: “[Seattle] was a brief hiatus however, and once back on the road the routine of star moodiness was back to the fore.” [Hardly “back on the road” back to your hotel in LA again where you’ve been staying for 5 nights, apart the one day you flew to Seattle and spent the night there, flying back the next day. Eg “Seattle was a brief hiatus however [back in L.A. again] the routine of star moodiness was back to the fore.” Ed.]
    Mitch: “After Seattle we did a show at the University of California, Los Angeles. The performance itself was nothing exceptional, but backstage the Warner/Reprise rep.
    introduced us to this reed-thin, really ill—looking person, who turned out to be none other than Alice Cooper [the band’s name was still ‘The Nazz’ at this point, he was still ‘Vincent Furnier’. Their drummer Neal Smith says they had already hung out with the JHE after the gig in Tucson on the 6th. Apparently no-one else remembers Ed.]. It scared the hell it of us — he'd just been passed A1 physically fit for the draft. We thought, 'If this guy's healthy, what chance do we stand?'
    Noel: “Went to gig. So stoned. Went down a bomb. Lots of requests for my number.”
    “Audience stormed the stage.”
    Neville Chesters: “Great show. Had a lot of trouble with power supply, Jimi walked off in the middle of the show, finally got it right, group went back on.”
    Eye (July) – review by unknown: “At a concert at UCLA, grown men cried, the audience crawled onto the stage and tried to kiss his boots. Not a hip audience either - they were history students and science majors who give each other Aqua Velva for Christmas.”
    Wednesday 14 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Denver, Regis College Fieldhouse, 3333 Regis Boulevard, CO
    Neal Cassady’s home town (‘On The Road’)
    After their West Coast sojourn the JHE flew back east again heading for Jimi’s home town, New York City, from Los Angeles via Denver, and some gigs in Texas.
    Noel: “Got up 10 o’clock, SO tired, went to airport last [...] on plane, caught 11 o’clock plane. Very snowy in Denver. Went to hotel changed. Went into town bought some m[...] ring and drunkards violin case.. had a smoke at the family dog (club), got very stoned came back to hotel had a shower and a meal, went to gig.”
    Thursday 15 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    San Antonio Municipal Auditorium, 100 Auditorium Circle, TX

    JHE flew in from Denver
    Mitch: “The next stage of the tour was Texas — first time we’d been there. I think we did four days there — San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, something like that. We were assigned one security guard for all four days. This typical big, burly, easy-going Texan made sure we weren't hassled too - a nice guy. He drove us around and really looked after us.”
    Friday 16 February 1968 - 1 show, 55 min
    Dallas, State Fair Music Hall, Fair Park, TX
    JHE probably flew in from San Antonio.
    Saturday 17 February 1968 - 1 show, 55 min
    Fort Worth, Will Rogers Auditorium, 3301 W. Lancaster Avenue, TX
    JHE drove to gig (40 mins) from Dallas and back again after it, ie two nights in Dallas.
    Noel: “There was plenty of time to chat because the state seemed full of girls who didn't fuck [‘ME’ Ed.]. Instead, with so much building up inside, we [or was that ‘I’? Ed.] hit the booze to avoid conversing. It was hard to know how to start communicating.
    I did better communicating with the locals. My Englishness in America also gave me a certain license, a certain protection. If I went to the hotel bar in places like Texas, the minute I walked in all these big, dangerously drunk guys would start in with the usual, 'Who's the fag?' (Fag is a word that brought many awkward moments until I figured out that in America it meant homosexual, not cigarette.) Having hair was still risky in some places. In my most English accent - which saved my ass as many times as Jimi’s American accent had saved him in England – I’d order, ‘Give us a beer mate.’ And the barrier would be broken. ‘Say you ain’t from here. You sound English. What you here for?’ ‘I’m playing the Stadium tonight.’ At which point we’d start talking about the gig, then music or whatever and someone would buy me the beer.”
    “In my mind, Fort Worth, Texas, was the beginning of the end of the band. It was the first time we'd been assigned separate dressing rooms. When I chanced to go into Jimi's room to see how he was doing, I was met with: 'What are you doing in here?' This separatism guaranteed we went on stage cold as ice.” [it was the first & only time they played 11 nights on the trot Maybe that was why he found Jimi so grumpy - mind you it was only 9 cities, really, travelling wise – 3 nights in LA, 2 nights in Dallas (and only 2 were 2 show gigs) Ed.]
    Sunday 18 February 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    Houston Music Hall, 800 Bagby Street, TX
    JHE flew in from Dallas, slightly over 1 hour
    Mitch: “On the last day, the Sunday, he [their security] turned up in full police uniform. He's like the Chief of Police for most of Texas — we'd had no idea. Various substances had been smoked, there were young women around and he's a cop. We really weren't sure what to do.
    Anyway, before the first show on the Sunday, Noel and I figured we'd get some food and a couple of beers. Not possible — the whole place was dry on Sunday. So we asked the only person we could, our friend the policeman, to help us out. Much to our amazement he said, 'Whatever you want, boys,’ and promptly phoned the Mayor. Within an hour everything we wanted turned up.”
    Noel: “In Texas, we asked for a drink and were told the gig was 'dry'. That was it. Forget it! We flat out refused to play without drink. Finally a police car pulled up outside the gig and we were taken out. We were getting a bit nervous. Texas had a terrifying reputation for locking you away for life for possession of a joint. The boot opened and inside was as close to a full bar as you could imagine.”
    Monday 19 February 1968 – no gig
    New York City, Drake Hotel? NY
    JHE flew back to Jimi’s home town, New York City
    Tuesday 20 February 1968 – no gig
    New York City, Drake Hotel? NY
    JHE in Jimi’s home town, New York City
    Wednesday 21 February 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    Philadelphia, Electric Factory, 2201 Arch Street, PA
    ‘Jefferey & Chandler Inc.’ was inaugurated in New York City.
    JHE flew in to Philadelphia from New York City, .
    Mitch: “I think the tour moved on to Philadelphia after that — two nights at the Electric Factory. Quite bizarre, that was the era of body painting and people coming on stage and "doing their thing, man', whether you wanted them there or not. The whole psychedelia thing had spread right over America, or the cosmopolitan bits of it at least, and the Electric Factory was like a Philadelphia version of the Fillmore. Mind you, it was spreading to, if not exactly hick towns, then certainly more conservative ones. We'd been through some on the first tour of the States and they were totally straight-laced[where was that? The few gigs they played on their 1st visit were all hip/hippie clubs and shows, apart from the Monkees gigs?] and we'd come back not that much later [6 months Ed.] and find that things had definitely changed.”
    Thursday 22 February 1968 - 2 x ~ 60? min shows
    Philadelphia, Electric Factory, 2201 Arch Street , PA
    JHE had arrived the day before, ie two nights in Philadelphia.
    Neville Chesters: “Jimi went on a long time, 2nd set didn’t finish till 03.00.”
    Friday 23 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Detroit, Masonic Temple, 500 Temple Street, MI, USA.
    JHE flew in from Philadelphia for some gigs in the Great Lakes area
    Mitch: “Obviously, we played a lot of towns more than once and I'm not sure on which visits certain things happened, but I think it was on this tour in Detroit, right after the Philadelphia gigs, that we nearly got shot. I think we heard on the TV as we were leaving the hotel, 'There's been a problem with snipers today in downtown Detroit da da da', and we walked out through the revolving doors and we can hear all these ricocheting bullets, some of them really close, and we had to make a dash for the car. It was the first time that I felt that my safety was really threatened.”
    Saturday 24 February 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Toronto, CNE Coliseum Arena, Exhibition Place, Ontario, Canada
    JHE flew in from Detroit
    Between 17 and 24, possibly on this day - while Eire Apparent were probably leaving for the US - by Canadian customs? Eire Apparent’s guitarist, Henry McCullogh, was busted for cannabis in Vancouver. He fled to Ireland before his court case to escape the law and was shortly replaced by Mick Cox.
    Saturday 24 February 1968
    Toronto, unknown club, Ontario, Canada. JHE
    Jam with members of The Band?
    Sunday 25 February 1968 - 2 shows 1 - 35 + 1 ~ 45 min
    Chicago Civic Opera House, 20 North Wacker Drive, IL
    JHE flew in from Toronto, less than 2 hours in the air.
    Monday 26 February 1968 – no gig
    Chicago, Hotel?, IL
    JHE day off
    Tuesday 27 February 1968
    Madison, The Factory, 315 Gorham, WI
    JHE flew in from Chicago.
    Mitch: “After that we did some weird gigs in the Mid-West [still in the Great Lakes region, in a fairly logical pogression, out of NYC to Philadelphia -Detroit – Toronto – Chicago – Madison – Milwaukee - NYC. Ed.], places like Madison and Milwaukee. I don't remember much about them.”
    Wednesday 28 February 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    Milwaukee, The Scene, 624 North 2nd Street, WI
    JHE flew in from Madison
    Thursday 29 February 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    Milwaukee, The Scene, 624 North 2nd Street, WI
    JHE arrived in Milwaukee the day before, ie two nights in Milwaukee.
    Friday 1 March 1968. USA. No gig.
    New York City, Drake Hotel? NY
    JHE flew back to Jimi’s home town, New York City
    Saturday 2 March 1968 - 2 shows, 1 ~ 45 + 1 - 35 min
    New York City, Hunter College, Park Avenue/69th Street, NY, USA. JHE
    A home town gig for Jimi
    JHE were back in Jimi’s home town, New York City.
    East Village Other (8-14 March) Jules Freemond: “In less than a year, Jimi Hendrix has become myth. The black Elvis come to grind the squirming white-boppers into mush. Oh yes, Jimi won’t do you no harm. But to watch the audience explode into frustrated little girl screams at Hendrix’ electric frying show at Hunter College last weekend was to see a myth being born.”
    Sunday 3 March 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Columbus, Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 300 W. Broad St, OH
    JHE flew in from New York City, flew back again after gig.
    Monday 4 March 1968 – no gig
    New York City, Drake Hotel? NY
    Mitch & a girlfriend flew to Bahamas for probably 3 nights, Noel went with him but seems to have only stayed 2 nights, he flew back on the 6th.
    Jimi stayed in his home town, New York City
    Mitch: “Around this time, though, we actually managed three days off [‘in Bahamas’, but four ‘off’ in total Ed.], so I flew to the Bahamas with a girlfriend. Noel joined us, which was odd because he really doesn't like sunshine, beyond the odd hour lying by the pool. He gave it all of three hours, whereupon he decided he hated the Bahamas and flew straight back again.”
    Noel: “4,5,6 Bahamas with Mitch.”
    “Jeffery acted like a member of the Nassau tourist board, talking up all the great opportunities awaiting the sharp investor (me?). What did I want with a piece of unoccupied Caribbean land? Jeffery made it sound like heaven, so Mitch and I relented and flew down to have a look. Heaven it wasn't. One look at us and the hotel lost our reservations and we were shunted off to $100-a-day rooms in another hostelry designed to separate the tourist from his money as quickly as possible. The weather was relaxing, but we were constantly hassled by
    Idiots about our long hair. Nassau. . .the heat was nice, but in the long run a sauna would have been better.
    It was, none the less, a welcome break from touring. February and March had been killers.” [Well February was, no doubt, a bit of a slog, but you were only 3 days into March, so March was hardly ‘a killer’ at that point, and the tour was slowing down, with many east coast and NY state gigs (so several days and nights could be spent back in Jimi’s home town – New York – between some gigs) and he would be back stayng there in NYC on the 3rd, travelling from there and back again for the last couple of dates, finished on 6 April Ed.]
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