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Thread: 1968-03-13 Sound Center Studios, New York City, New York USA

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    1968-03-13 Sound Center Studios, New York City, New York USA

    Wednesday, March 13th, 1968

    My Friend
    Angel Catarina (aka 1983 (A Mermaid I Should Turn To Be))
    Little Miss Strange


    Jimi Hendrix
    Noel Redding
    Stephen Stills
    Jimmy Mayes
    Paul Caruso
    Ken Pine
    Buddy Miles
    Vincent Gagliano
    Tom Muccio
    Angel Sandoval
    Lenny Stea


    This is one of the first sessions Jimi got to take away from Chas Chandler's supervision, in which Jimi brought along a nice band of musicians (which Chas would surely have banned). This session produced My Friend (used on First Rays of the New Rising Sun), and an early version of 1983 that Jimi called Angel Catarina among others. Jimi let Noel take the reins for recordings of his track Little Miss Strange while Jimi made comments over the loudspeaker. Jimi and Buddy Miles then struggled on Somewhere in which Jimi and Buddy failed to lock in the tempo that Jimi desired.

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    Re: 1968-03-13 Sound Center Studios, New York City, New York USA
    07. Little Miss Strange (inst) (3.29) 13.3.68 (Sound Centre)
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    Re: 1968-03-13 Sound Center Studios, New York City, New York USA

    Wednesday 13 March 1968, Sound Centre, New York City.
    Producer: Jimi Hendrix
    Engineers: Vincent Gagliano, Tom Muccio, Angel Sandoval, Lenny Stea

    Jimi-vocal, guitar & bass, Kenny Pine-12 string guitar, Paul Caruso-harmonica, Stephen Stills-piano, Jimmy Mayes-drums

    My Friend take 1 (instrumental) unreleased
    My Friend take 2 (broke down)
    My Friend take 3 (master) - (1, 2, 3)
    (‘bar’ overdubs)

    Ken Pine: "He called me at home one afternoon, which really surprised me, as I had not spoken to him for some time. He asked if I would play twelve-string guitar on a session he wanted to do. He was looking to add a bluegrass, country-rock feel. He picked me up and we parked in a parking garage near the studio. He had the wide-brim hat with a feather in the band. The attendant looked at him as if he was from Mars. At the studio, he pulled out some papers and said, 'Check this out.' He had written out the lyr*ics to Bob Dylan's 'All Along The Watchtower' by hand and told me he had recorded the song in London. He wanted to know what I thought of the song and did I think it was any good!"

    Paul Caruso: "Kenny Pine was on twelve-string guitar, Jimi was on bass, Jimmy Mayes was on drums, and Stephen Stills, who, except for the piano in the introduction, didn't contribute anything else."

    Tom Muccio (engineer): "Jimi had them making believe they were all drunk, they were just falling all over the floor having fun with the track."

    “Angel Catarina” (1983…A Merman I Should Turn To Be) - (1)
    (2nd guitar overdub)

    Noel-guitar, Steve Stills–bass, Buddy Miles-drums – Jimi in control booth (ie ‘producer’):

    Little Miss Strange (14 takes) - unreleased
    Little Miss Strange - (1)

    JMcD: “Hendrix can be heard making comments over the talkback microphone.”

    Jimi-vocal, guitar, Stephen Stills-bass, Buddy Miles–drums
    Buddy’s first recording session with Hendrix, the song suffers from his and Stills’ erratic tempo, Mitch failed to improve on it when he replaced the drum track in 1972, the original was better:

    Somewhere (aka Somewhere Over The Rainbow) (?) (several other takes – unreleased)
    Somewhere (aka Somewhere Over The Rainbow) - (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (7 Mitch’s drums o/d in 1972)

    Angel Sandoval (engineer): “"Jimi would be recording in the studio and he would be creating a stack of tapes like this [measures height with his hand]; and I would say, ‘Jimi, you know some of these tapes, you can run again.’ He’d say, ‘Oh no, just keep putting them (new reels of tape) on’ … And I thought, ‘Oh my God….’”

    Tom Muccio (engineer):"Hendrix was infatuated by the recording consol because it looked like the inside of a spaceship. It had nice lights on it and offered a nice big area to work on.”
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