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Thread: 1968-03-14 Sound Center Studios, New York City, New York USA

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    1968-03-14 Sound Center Studios, New York City, New York USA

    Thursday, March 14th, 1968

    My Friend


    Jimi Hendrix
    Vincent J. Gagliano
    Tom Muccio
    Angel Sandoval
    Lenny Stea


    In this session Jimi added vocals and made various mixes for My Friend.

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    Re: 1968-03-14 Sound Center Studios, New York City, New York USA

    Thursday 14 March 1968 – no gig
    New York City, Sound Centre.
    JHE were staying in Jimi’s home town, New York City
    Producer: Jimi Hendrix
    Engineers: Vincent Gagliano, Tom Muccio, Angel Sandoval, Lenny Stea

    My Friend (overdubs, mixing) - (1, 2, 3)

    Lenny Stea (engineer): "We weren't a rich studio. We happened to have this new, very flexible console board that was very quiet but because we didn't have the more expensive equipment that was out there, our engineers made it up. That's where this ‘sound’ came from. A lot of experimental stuff came out of small studios like ours, not the majors."
    Friday 15 March 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    Worcester, Atwood Hall / Clark University, Downing Street, MA
    JHE probably flew in from New York City via Boston?/Providence?, about 1 hour 15 mins flight, drive to gig less than 1 hour. Driving all the way would take over 3 hours
    Saturday 16 March 1968 - 1 ~ 45 min show
    Lewiston, Armory / Bates College, 73 Central Avenue, ME.
    JHE probably drove to Lewiston from Worcester, less than 3 hours
    Probably flew back to New York from Portland after gig, about 45 mins in car from Lewiston, 1 hour 15 mins flight). Sunday 17 March 1968 – no gig
    New York City, Cafe Au Go Go, 152 Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, NY
    JHE were staying in Jimi’s home town, New York City
    Jimi jammed (on ‘a rainy night’) with Elvin Bishop (guitar), Harvey Brooks (bass), Phillip Wilson (drums), Buddy Miles (drums), James Tatum (saxophone), Herbie Rich (organ), and Paul Caruso (vocals & harmonica).
    Monday 18 March 1968 – no gig
    New York City, The Scene, 301 West 46th Street, NY
    JHE were staying in Jimi’s home town, New York City
    Blues (booze more like) jam following an ‘Eire Apparent’ concert, possibly including some members of that band, with (at least) two unknown guitarists (one possibly EA’s Henry McCullough?/Mick Cox? , or Rick Derringer? Cox at least ended up with a copy of the tape, if not the original)
    Monday 18 March 1968 – no gig
    New York City, Warwick Hotel, West 54th Street, NY, USA.
    JHE were staying in Jimi’s home town, New York City
    During a drunken conversation in the early hours,:
    Jimi – chat, vocal & guitar jamming with, Paul Caruso – chat, harmonica, Jimmy Mayes and others (chat, vocals)
    Tuesday 19 March 1968 - 2 shows, 1 ~ 45 + 1 - 60 min
    Ottawa, Capitol Cinema, 230 Queen Street, Ontario, Canada
    JHE flew in from New York City, about 1 hour 30 mins flight. No gig next day
    New York: “Hipsters And Old Hittites You Are Invited To A Poppy Party At The RECORD PLANT Recording Studio Official Opening Celebration. Tueday 6 P▪M▪ March ▪ 19 1968 ▪ 321 W.44th St. R▪S▪V▪P 765-3623.”
    Ie JHE and Eddie missed the official opening But they would soon be their main draw
    Jimi: “Arrived in Ottawa - Beautiful hotel... Strange people ... Beautiful dinner. Talked with Joni Mitchell on the phone… I think I’ll record her tonight with my excellent tape recorder (knock on wood). Hmmm ... can’t find any wood ... everything’s plastic. Beautiful view.
    Jimi: “Marvellous sound on first show,”
    Neville: “2 Show, first not bad”
    Noel: “...first show quiet.”
    Jimi: “Good on 2nd. Good recording.”
    Neville: “2nd very good. Gerry [Stickells] and I had a fight with some guys in audience because they stole a guitar, got it back.”
    Noel: “...did two shows. Went down a bomb at the second show. Went back to the hotel, went to the bar.”
    Roger Mayer: “We had Marshall heads stolen off the stage in the middle of a fight while the audience stormed up..."
    Harvey Glatt: "He had this wide brimmed black, or antique brown hat. I think it was during the second show that he was leaning over into the crowd and someone grabbed it. I remember it was near the end of the show. He came off stage and he was very upset. He wasn't angry but like any normal person when they are missing something, he was fretting and anxious. He really wanted it back.
    I ran out into the lobby, running from person to person asking everyone if they had seen the hat. Someone shouted, ‘It's a girl with a yellow raincoat. She's got it.' I kept looking and looking and saw this girl with the yellow raincoat leaving the theatre. I went up to her and said, ‘Do you have the hat?' She said yes, and I grabbed it from her. She didn't resist. I took it back to Jimi and he was really relieved and grateful. I don't have a clue who the girl in the yellow raincoat was. I might have invited her to the party afterwards but I'm not sure."
    Tuesday 19 March 1968
    Ottawa, L’Hibou, Sussex Drive, Ontario, Canada
    Concert by Joni Mitchell at this coffee house/club
    Songs: unknown
    Jimi: “Went down to the little club to see Joni - fantastic girl with heaven words.”
    Joni: “I met Jimi Hendrix in Ottawa. Then there were two clubs; the Capitol Theatre where rock and roll played, and l’Hibou where folk music played. The rock concerts ended at 10:30, but the folk singers had to do five sets a night, so we went on into the wee hours... The night I met Jimi he came after his show with a reel-to-reel tape recorder, ‘cause there weren’t cassettes then, A big box with reel-to-reels. And he said to me very shyly, “Do you mind if I tape your show?” And he set it up on the stage, so I played most of the evening down to Jimi, like, you know, [makes hand signal for ‘excellent’] y-y-yes-an... and doing tape reversal, he-he did all sorts of reeooww, he made me go reeooww [laughs]... Because we played it back that night at the hotel. We all stayed at the same hotel.”
    Harvey Glatt: “He was crouched at the side of the stage, he was wearing headphones and adjusting his tape recorder while he was recording Joni’s show.”
    Jimi: “- We all go to party. O.K. millions of girls - listen to tapes and smoked back at hotel.” Noel: “We went to a party in another hotel. Got too stoned on hash. Listened to tape of us live. Taken back to our hotel and had some more hash. Crashed at 4:30.”
    (1993): “I remember that, we went to this other hotel and there was this girl singer there, was that Joni Mitchell? I didn’t know who she was...”
    Harvey Glatt: “The party, which raged into the early hours, was at the Motel Deville in Vanier. Between the invited guests and hangers-on, there were about 30 people there.”
    Bill Hawkins (Ottawa musician, with an ego the size of a planet): “[I sang one of my new songs for Hendrix and Mitchell while the three of them sat cross-legged in a corner]. It was a song called Scorpio, I wrote songs for every zodiac sign. Jimi asked me why and I told him it was a good way to pick up girls. I was trying desperately to hustle Joni and had been trying for years. That night she looked so radiant and was smiling a lot. She was always a little full of herself, but why not?
    Anyway, Jimi thought this idea of the songs was really funny and he laughed out loud when I told him. He laughed even louder when I told him it wasn't working on Joni. He was a little tired that night but he said the gig had gone well. He was friendly, affectionate and bent over backwards to be nice to people. We talked a lot about guitars. And he wasn't at all bent out of shape that night, which was more than I can say for myself."
    Brian Murphy (formerly at CHEZ-FM) “[I remember Hendrix sitting on a bed playing a 12-string acoustic guitar]. The party was held between two adjoining rooms. He was sitting quietly by himself and I remember he was playing Hear My Train A Coming but it's been a lot of years so I may be wrong [You may be right, but at least you admit you may be wrong Unlike those that claim they can remenber an entire set list from summer 1967 more than 40 years later just off the top. Ed].. Basically, he was playing for himself. He was a quiet guy."
    Wednesday 20 March 1968 – no gig
    Rochester, Downtowner Motor Inn, E. Broadway, NY.
    It seems very odd that JHE drove all the way to Rochester? About 4-5 hours drive, they apparently took 6! and no one complained, not even Noel. They seem to have driven between the next few gigs – strange.
    Sight-seeing or what?
    They seem to have decided to actually go, “on the road”, East Coast, for some reason?
    Jimi: “We left Ottawa City today. I kissed Joni goodbye, slept in the car awhile - Stopped at a highway diner - I mean a Real one, like in the movies. Mitch and I discuss our plans for movie. Slight disagreement here and there but it will soon be straighten out.”
    Noel: “We left Ottawa and had a scene at the customs, we got hassled. We drove from 2 o'clock till 8 o'clock. Went to the hotel, watched TV all evening. We went out at 12:15 am for a meal, couldn't find anywhere to eat. Went to a horrible tranny*. Go back to the hotel, went to bed at 2:30."
    “Few places had anything to offer in after-gig entertainment. We spent more nights in our rooms listening to records and watching our new (gift of Warners) portable TVs - hotels didn't have them then. I kept in touch with 'real' life by watching and loving The Three Stooges and, I admit it, I Dream of Jeannie and My Favorite Martian, until we left our TVs in the office between gigs and they were nicked.”
    Jimi: “Went to a very bad, bad, bad tasting restaurant. Thugs follow us. They probably was scared, couldn’t figure us out. Me with my Indian hat and Mexican moustach, Mitch with his fairy tale jacket and Noel with his leopard band hat and glasses and hair And accent. G’nite all.”
    Jimi: “Nothing happened in Rochester tonight.” [“nothing happened” appears to be the group’s diary code for – “no sex”] See Neville’s diary also.
    *Slang for ‘transport cafe’.
    Thursday 21 March 1968 – 1 ~ 45 min show.
    Rochester Community War Memorial, 100 Exchange Boulevard, NY
    JHE drove there all the way from Ottowa the day before, for some reason, instead of flying -their usual mode of transport.
    Friday 22 March 1968 – 1 ~ 45 min show.
    Hartford, Bushnell Memorial Hall, 166 Capitol Avenue, CT.
    Originally Island Garden Arena, West Hempstead, NY, was booked for this date.
    JHE seem to have driven in from Rochester, nearly 5 hours.
    JHE drove back to New York City after gig (2 hours).
    Jimi: “We’re in Hartford, Conn - I had a beautiful diary I kept while we were in Sweden - And of course I lost it… Hmmm... I wonder what Catherina is doing now. I must call her soon, before she goes to Switzerland. She’s the only thing I have to hold on to that’s real. Better call her soon. Beautiful room I have. Bought more film, tape, etc...”
    Saturday 23 March 1968 – 1 ~ 45 min show.
    Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Lower Terrace and Lake Street, NY.
    Originally booked for the Village Theater, New York City, NY.
    JHE drove in from New York City, over 6 hours.
    Neville: “Got up 7:00 had breakfast left 8:00 Drove back up Massatusetts and right across N.Y. State. Just after there was a very bad snowstorm driving bad. Arrived BUFFALO 4:00 unloaded gear had to put it on small carts, then again tractor took it up to stage. Set gear, 1st [...] Local group on first [...]
    Jimi: “Well we road through the most extreme weather today. From sunshine to blizzards and fog and everything. We’re in Buffalo now. Gonna take a nap.”
    Sunday 24 March 1968 – 1 ~ 45 min show.
    Flint, IMA Auditorium [Demolished], MI.
    JHE drove in from Buffalo, slightly over 4 hours
    Jimi: “S.O.S. Same old stuff.”
    Neville Chesters: “Place very good, audience good, Jimi was in very bad mood, played badly, did short time. Everybody disappointed.”
    Anonymous (15-05-13): “I was at the Hendrix show. Great opening acts, except Soft Machine, A bloody bore.
    Henrix did not like the audience yelling for Purple Haze. "That song would be
    more of a drag for me than you" After 4 or 5 tunes he blew out his amps.
    Did not return to the stage and listened to a 20 minute drum-bass solo.
    Was a great day of music nonetheless.”
    Monday 25 March 1968 – no gig
    Cleveland, Otto’s Grotto (at Statler-Hilton Hotel), 1127 Euclid Avenue, OH.
    JHE drove in from Flint, about 3 ½ hours. Day off
    Jimi jammed with Good Earth, a local band from Cleveland.
    Attended by Leonard Nimoy and DJ Chuck Dunaway
    Tuesday 26 March 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    Cleveland, Public Music Hall, 1220 E 6th Street, OH,
    JHE arrived the day before
    Jimi: “S.O.S”
    Hugh Hopper: “Neville and I got to the theatre and they asked us if we were members of the Teamsters, which was the drivers Union... We just sat in the truck while they were sorting it out... First thing, they didn’t want anything to do with the band at all, eventually something was sorted out and we had to tell them exactly where to put things - we weren’t allowed to lift anything which is really annoying, it takes you twice as long to tell someone where to put it.”
    Neville: “We had one [problem with the Teamsters].. Nearly pulled a gig because of it, can't remember where it was. We arrived with all the equipment. First of all they wouldn't allow it to be unloaded. And then they started saying they wouldn't allow anybody onstage, they had to take [the equipment]... All that we could do was to walk onstage and tell them where it had to be put. That would have been okay in theory for the speakers and the amps. But as soon as it came to the drums of course it was out of the question! I said, "There's no way, you can carry the drums cases only if you put them down very carefully." It became one of those circumstances where because I said "no way" they said "every way" and it got out of hand. Next thing Mitch was there and all hell let loose. Mitch was saying, "There is no way I'm playing, I either touch those drums or I don't play." I don't know which gig it was, it was somewhere Detroit-ish.... the promoter came and there was a lot of talk. I believe we had to pay a sum of money to keep the Teamsters away... I also remem*ber overhearing a conversation [at a Warner Brothers party] between Mitch and some very strange looking gentleman, who gave Mitch a telephone number and said, "If you're ever in trouble, wherever you are in America, ever in trouble, you ring that number." And as soon as you needed their help, you were involved with them. I’m sure [he never rang.]”
    Mitch: “...but the only gig that stands out was the Cleveland Music Hall at the end of March. Serious business that one. We had a lot of problems with the unions on the first show, ‘You can't move that,' etc., upsetting the roadies no end. We had to make the usual pay-off to the Teamsters and their mothers and their second cousins once removed.
    In the afternoon Jimi and Noel went out with Mike Goldstein, our publicist at the time. He was a local lad and knew the neighbourhood car dealers, so he took Noel and Jimi out to order their first cars — it was the first time we'd actually had any money to spend. So Jimi ordered a Stingray and Noel, I think, ordered a Mercury Cougar, which he never took delivery of.”
    Noel: “We went out window shopping for flash cars. American sports cars were all the rage in England and I fancied a Cougar. Jimi favoured Corvettes. We were [‘I was’] told 'Forget it, no money.” [Jimi got his Corvette Ed.]
    Jane Scott (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 29 March): “An hour later Jimi was spinning around Shaker Heights in a LeMans blue Corvette. "Shall we test it?" the Blaushild Chevrolet salesman had asked.
    ‘I've had a '56 Chevy. But this is a big fat dream!,’ said Jimi, happily run*ning his hands over the highly polished finish. Noel had slipped down the street to buy a Mercury.”
    Jane Scott (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 27 March): “Jimi Hendrix was.. .hard to talk to, but for different reasons. Backstage.. .he had a date on each arm, each cuddling up for attention. One of the crew whispered that the two women were sisters. So much for the innocence of the ‘60s!.”
    [The cover of ‘Other Scenes’ magazine (1969) has a B&W photo of Jimi sitting with two women sitting astride his thighs, all three are mostly naked and the women look very similar. But another possibility is 02-02-68, San Francisco: Neville: "[...] Not a bad show. Packed all gear away. Got taxi back to hotel. 2 Girls came back with us, twin sisters, talked for a while, then went to bed about 5:00."
    Mitch: “At the second show there was a bomb threat — I think they found a ‘suspicious package' and they cleared the hall. Who exactly was responsible for it we never did find out.”
    Noel: “We went down a bomb that night - in spite of a very real bomb scare at the hall. Big deal. We could take anything in our stride. Any hitch and we'd simply retire to our rooms and play records on our new portable players to stay sane.”
    Chuck Dunaway: “About three-fourths of the way through the first concert, the Cleveland bomb squad comes backstage and tells me to ‘stop the show, we have a bomb threat.’ I looked at Jimi… [he] was about... [go] into his finale.
    The road manager assured me that if I walked onstage, Jimi would stop playing since we had spent so much time together and he knew me. So I walked on stage and told Jimi we had a bomb threat. He nodded OK and stopped playing. After the house lights went up, everyone was asked to check under their seats for a package. None was found and the bomb squad left after looking around backstage for about 10 minutes. Jimi cranked up and proceeded to put everyone back to the point we were at when the show had to be stopped. They were very strange times, indeed.”
    Noel: “The bomb scare means nothing to us really, we can take anything in our stride now. It means simply that I can retire to my room and play records, a habit I have developed to keep sane…”
    Unknown paper, review by unknown: “Midway in rock singer Jimi Hendrix ‘s concert at Cleveland’s Public Music Hall last week, the master of ceremonies asked the audience to check under their seats: there had been a bomb threat. But as it turned out, the only explosion that night was onstage. Said Hendrix ‘Nobody but Jimi burns a house down.’ To light the fire, Jimi didn’t even have to pull his stunt of burning his guitar, though a fireman was poised in the wings, axe at the ready, in case he did...”
    Wednesday 27 March 1968 – 1 ~ 45 min show.
    Muncie, Teen America Building / Lion’s Delaware County Fairgrounds, IN.
    JHE drove in from Cleveland, about 4 hours.
    Jimi: “S.O.S”
    Neville Chesters: “Went down a bomb.”
    Thursday 28 March 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows
    Cincinnatti, Xavier University Fieldhouse, OH.
    JHE drove in from Muncie, about 2 ½ hours.
    Jimi: “We played in Cincinnatti. Bought a new Jazzmaster here and a practice amp. Got the guitar for recording.”
    Neville: “Second very good, packed gear up loaded truck. Went back to hotel. Went to Noel’s room had a smoke. Stayed up all night. Caught up with diary.””
    Jimi: “Wow, I’m stoned as Hell in this hotel room with Mitch in Cincinnatti. The Gig? Oh yeah, groovy.”
    Friday 29 March 1968 - 1 show (aborted)
    Chicago, University of Illinois, West Lake Street, IL.
    JHE drove in from Cincinnatti, about 4 ¾ hours.
    Hugh Hopper (equipment truck): “Not a bit late, a lot late!”
    Jimi: “S.O.S”
    Noel: “It was really a drag when our second gig in Chicago fails to come off due to electrical trouble after we have already come all the way from Cincinatti. But Cynthia and Pam of the Plaster casters fill the gap nicely.”
    Mitch: A couple of days later we were back in Chicago, at Xavier [sic, ‘Illinois’] University. It was a strange hall, a bit like the Hollywood Bowl but indoors and at the back of the stage was this metal sheeting. There was a radio statioi on campus, close by and their signal bouncec off the metal sheeting, so you got all kinds of shit feeding through the amps. It really pissed me off, because that day I’d been to the Ludwig drum factory — they'd given me the guided tour and I picked up a great big, brand new bass drum. I was really looking forward to playing it — 'You wait till the boys hear this!' And of course we get there and didn't get beyond one number — blew my evening.
    By this time we were playing 60-minute shows, maybe 75 with encores [maybe once in a blue moon’ Ed.]. Don't forget, though, that we were doing two shows a night [sometimes. Ed.], plus the after-hours stuff, plus the travelling. I doubt whether we'd have wanted to do much more. The shows were always formatted to an extent, you had to, with maybe three acts and two complete shows. But it was never the same twice. Some numbers, say ‘Sgt. Pepper's', might be twenty minutes long one night and three the next and we had a large repertoire, so we didn't have to do the same numbers every night. A lot depended on how we felt and what we got from the audience.
    Audience reaction was important, but it could have a negative effect. They may have been on their feet, yelling and screaming, but if all they wanted was for Jimi to burn the guitar or whatever, it could be a real turn-off. Equally, if they were sitting more or less in silence, did it mean that they were listening or were they simply not enjoying it? We were usually quick to pick that up, but it did vary every night. I mean some nights we just didn't play too well and the next would be great. So many things could affect it.”
    Neville Chesters: “Had a lot of trouble with amps, buzzing terrible. Finally Jimi stormed off without even doing one number.”
    Hugh Hopper: “That’s the only one which Hendrix didn’t play. He was picking up radio on all the amps and I think it’s because there was actually kind of a steel building. [Soft Machine] did was just the radio and buzzing. I think that was the only one that was actually cancelled on the tour.”
    Muncie Evening Press (01 April).Betty Harris: “Hendrix, after trying to make adjustments to stop the trouble, walked out on a show.. for 2,500 students. The powerful equipment the group uses, the volume at which it’s played and a metal roof on the auditorium produces a constant loud HUMMMMmmmmm and he could not take it.”
    Friday 29 March 1968
    Chicago, Cheetah (the ‘Aragon’ ballroom), 1106 Lawrence Avenue, IL.
    Jimi – guitar, jammed with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
    Chicago Tribune (3 April) review by Robb Baker: “A major happening.. .took place that night at Cheetah, where Jimi Hendrix dropped in.. .to share the stage with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The two held their audience spellbound for over two hours.”
    Saturday 30 March 1968 – 1 ~ 45 min show.
    Toledo, University Of Toledo Fieldhouse, OH
    JHE drove in from Chicago, about 4 hour flight.
    Sunday 31 March 1968 – 1 ~ 45 min show.
    Philadelphia Arena, 46th/Market Street, PA.
    JHE probably flew in from Toledo, about 4 hours depending, with a stop in Chicago.
    Neville Chesters: “Very good, went down a bomb.”
    The Village Voice (5 December) Eric Barrett interview by unknown: “Do you think the generation gap applies to Hendrix’s music?”
    Eric Barrett: “After the Hendrix concert in Philadelphia, an older lady who had just come from the concert gushed to me, ‘Isn’t it wonderful, all those young people coming out to hear Harry Belafonte!’ Belafonte was scheduled to appear the week after.”
    Monday 1 April 1968
    JHE flew from Philadelphia to Montreal Airport, Quebec.
    Hugh Hopper: “Arriving in Quebec and Neville, who is very, kind of, anti-foreigners saying, ‘Don’t let anyone know you speak French! Ha-ha-ha. He was very, kind of, po-British. He really hated the French for some reason.”
    Noel: “Went to various clubs to see Chubby Checker and an Irish group, them went to a bar and had a sing song with the Irish.”
    Monday 1 April 1968 – no gig
    JHE flew from Philadelphia to Montreal, Quebec, about 1 hour 45 mins flight.
    Tuesday 2 April 1968 - 1 show ~45 mins
    Montreal, Paul Sauve Arena, Quebec, Canada.
    They would have flown on to Jimi’s home town, New York, after the gig (less than 2 hours). Jimi’s 1st headlining US tour essentially ended here, after this gig he was back in his home town again - just playing an occasional gig.
    Wednesday 03 April 1968 – no gig
    Virginia Beach Civic Dome, VA. JHE flew in from New York, Jimi’s home town, (1½ hours) and back home again at some point shortly after arriving - if this was indeed the date (no date given).
    Noel: “Plane travel could get quite silly. We flew into Virginia Beach one day only to be told that the gig was held up for a day, so it was back on a plane to New York for a night of partying at Salvation and the Scene Club with Roger Daltrey.”
    Thursday 4 April 1968 - 2 x ~ 45 min shows.
    Virginia Beach Civic Dome, VA.
    JHE flew in from Jimi’s home town, New York, about 1½ hour flight and flew back home again after the gig.
    Friday 5 April 1968 - 1 show ~45 mins
    Newark, Symphony Hall, 1020 Broad Street, NJ.
    JHE drove to the gig from Jimi’s home town, New York, about 40 mins and drove home again after the gig, hardly an ordeal.
    Saturday 6 April 1968 - 1 show ~45 mins
    White Plains, Westchester County Center, Central Avenue, NY.
    JHE drove there from Jimi’s home town, New York City, (1 hour) and drove home again after the gig, hardly an ordeal.
    End of 1st JHE US ‘tour’ – for Jimi, New York City was his “home”, he wasn’t “going back home” to England, geddit? .
    Sunday 7 April 1968 – no gig.
    New York City, Generation, 52 West 8th Street, NY.
    The JHE concert that night in Troy, NJ was cancelled due to Dr. King’s murder.
    This was the opening night of ‘Generation’ – following it’s conversion from the old ‘Village Barn’ – there was no ‘the old Generation club’. The bill was BB King and Big Brother and the Hoding Company.
    After the show, Jimi jammed at a wake for Martin Luther King with: Hugh McCracken* (from BB King's backing band) - guitar, unknown – bass, unknown drummer
    Monday 8 April 1968 – no gig.
    New York City
    Mitch & Noel arrived back in London, England
    Jimi in New York, his home town
    Tuesday 9 April 1968 – no gig.
    New York City
    Mitch & Noel in London
    Jimi in New York – his home town
    Wednesday 10 April 1968 – no gig.
    New York City
    Mitch & Noel in London
    Jimi in New York – his home town
    Thursday 11 April 1968 – no gig.
    New York City
    Mitch & Noel in London
    Jimi in New York – his home town
    Friday 12 April 1968 – no gig.
    New York City
    Mitch & Noel in London
    Jimi in New York – his home town
    Saturday 13 April 1968 – no gig.
    New York City
    Mitch & Noel in London
    Jimi in New York – his home town
    Sunday 14 April 1968 – no gig.
    Mitch & Noel in London
    Jimi in New York – his home town
    New York City, Generation, 52 West 8th Street, NY.
    Jimi jammed with B.B. King, Elvin Bishop, a John Martin, Buzzy Feiten, Phillip Wilson, Al Kooper, Paul Butterfield and Stewart something?.
    Monday 15 April 1968 – no gig.
    New York City
    Mitch & Noel in London
    Jimi in New York – his home town
    Tuesday 16 April 1968 – no gig.
    New York City
    Mitch & Noel fly from London to New York
    Jimi in New York – his home town
    Mitch: "I'm only going back for about three weeks this time, we've got a couple of concerts to do—but I'm not sure about them. They were held over from our tour. [Troy Armory was the only ‘hold over’ - due to Dr. King’s murder. The other gig, a month later, was a later booking for the, recently opened, Fillmore East in New York City, a favour to Bill Graham, maybe? But then it was a prestigeous gig & they hadn't played a gig for a while, a one off gig which Jimi appeared to enjoy very much, having a laugh with the audience etc. Ed].
    Mainly we're just going to record [ie ELL. Ed.] in the States, because our recording engineer [Eddie Kramer. Ed.] has gone over there permanently. [Not to mention Jimi, Mike, & the ‘Jeffery & Chandler Inc.’ office.’ Ed.]
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