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Thread: 1968-04-20 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

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    1968-04-20 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

    Saturday, April 20th, 1968

    Little Miss Strange


    Mitch Mitchell
    Noel Redding
    Gary Kellgren
    Chas Chandler


    Jimi was not present for this session, and therefore Mitch and Noel took the reins. Noel recorded two takes on acoustic guitar before Mitch joined in on drums for the third take (which resulted in the basic track.) Redding added a bass overdub before the session concluded.

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    Re: 1968-04-20 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA
    Disc 5:
    Voodoo Chile [Blues Session: takes 1-5] 36:44
    Instrumental Jam 23:48
    3 Little Bears [solo] 2:38
    Gypsy Eyes [solo] 2:38
    1983... [solo] 4:27
    Untitled Instrumental 0:44

    Tracks 3-6: Record Plant, NY - April 20, 1968

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    Re: 1968-04-20 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

    Saturday 20 April 1968, Record Plant, New York City.
    18:30 to 04:30
    Noel Redding – rhythm & acoustic guitars, bass & Mitch Mitchell – drums, no Jimi
    Producer: Chas Chandler
    Engineers: Gary Kellgren

    “Lilacs For Captain Curry’s Coffin” (aka Little Miss Strange) (take 1) - unreleased
    “Lilacs For Captain Curry’s Coffin” (aka Little Miss Strange) (basic track) (2, 3, 4)

    Noel: "No session so I did one of my numbers, silly bloke trying to engineer. Mitch came round.”

    “I took advantage of unused studio time to work on demos of my own material, helped out by - Steve Winwood and Chris Wood of Traffic. It was awkward for me. I was shy and new to the production booth, but certainly too impatient to learn by watching Chas and Jimi mix the millionth guitar overdub. I dreamt big - orchestras - but settled for a good sound organised by engineer Gary Kellgren and in late April, Little Miss Strange was recorded. Mitch and I (playing various guitar parts) did the basic track and vocals.
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