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Thread: 1968-04-21 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

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    1968-04-21 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

    Sunday, April 21st, 1968

    Little Miss Strange
    South Saturn Delta
    Three Little Bears


    Jimi Hendrix
    Noel Redding
    Mitch Mitchell
    Eddie Kramer
    Chas Chandler


    Little Miss Strange was worked on this day by just Noel, contributing double-tracked vocals and a overdubbed electric guitar part. Jimi worked on a demo of South Saturn Delta, even overdubbing a second guitar part, but this demo was to be abandoned by Jimi. Also attempted by Jimi was a solo attempt at a early Three Little Bears.

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    Re: 1968-04-21 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

    Sunday 21 April 1968, Record Plant, New York City, Noel
    15:30 until [?]
    Producer: Chas Chandler
    Engineer: Eddie Kramer

    Little Miss Strange - (2, 3, 4)
    (Noel overdubs: vocal & guitar)

    Noel: “Bloke did my tape wrong, cunt. Went back to studio, he completely messed it up.”

    Jimi (solo, unknown at what time):

    South Saturn Delta (demo) - unreleased
    (overdubbed 2nd guitar)

    Three Little Bears (rough sketch) - unreleased
    “Solo guitar ideas” – unreleased
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