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Thread: 1968-04-24 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

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    1968-04-24 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

    Wednesday, April 24th, 1968

    Gypsy Eyes
    Little Miss Strange


    Jimi Hendrix
    Mitch Mitchell
    Noel Redding
    Eddie Kramer
    Noel Redding


    Jimi made many takes for the rhythm part of Gypsy Eyes but little progress was made. Various things were done to Little Miss Strange that completed the recording stage including Jimi adding his lead guitar part, Noel and Mitch re-recording their vocal parts, and Noel adding in the final bass overdub.
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    Re: 1968-04-24 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

    Wednesday 24 April 1968, Record Plant, New York City. [see 29 April, possibly confused dates]
    Session finished 03:00
    Jimi – guitar, Mitch - drums
    Producer: Chas Chandler
    Engineer: Eddie Kramer

    Little Miss Strange (2, 3)
    (new bass part, Jimi’s guitar parts, vocals with Mitch & mix)

    Noel: “Finally by the 22nd [?] I have ‘Little Miss Strange’ organized. Mitch and I have been working on the backing slowly when there was time, Mitch played dtums, I did acoustic and electric rhythm guitar and we both sang it. Jimi came then and put guitar on it and was very nice about making sure I was there and if I like it.”

    “Jimi came in and put the lead guitar on. He was very nice about it, making sure I was there when he overdubbed and checking that I approved of his contribution. I did and was very pleased with the result. My publishing from Little Miss Strange and She's So Fine remain my only sources of income from the Experience."

    Eddie: “ Jimi had a lot of fun putting the lead guitar on. It was a DI with a wah-wah pedal, recorded on top of a ton of acoustic guitars Noel had already put on. Jimi’s touch was so sure. He knew just what parts to play to bring that song to life. No matter the song or songwriter, whether it was the Troggs, Bob Dylan, or even Noel, whatever Jimi touched he was able to raise to a different level.
    I thought it very generous of Jimi to allow Noel to have a spot on the album. He really had fun with this song. Jimi would not have recorded this if he hadn’t liked it or done it just to please Noel. Noel was very serious about his songs , but Jimi was lighthearted about them. I vivdly remember him cracking up at Mitch and Noel when they were singing those high harmonies. He had done the same thing when we cut ‘She’s So Fine’ during the Axis sessions. There was always this ‘wink wink’ thing with Noel’s songs, but Jimi was respectful and wanted to make sure Noel approved of whatever contributions he would make.”

    Walking Through The Garden

    Noel: “Jimi did some mixing, I wrote another song called Walking In The Garden, which I had written while waiting for Jimi to finish mixing—sounds quite nice.
    Chas came down, Stevie [Winwood] played piano, also Chris [Wood] on flute.”

    Gypsy Eyes (multiple takes, no master finished) – unreleased
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