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Thread: Kiss the Sky ...... special edition album

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    Kiss the Sky ...... special edition album

    Reprise Records US/Canada released Kiss The Sky in October 1984
    It reached # 148 on the Billboard Top 200 chart

    Released by Polydor Records UK and Germany and worldwide in November 1984.
    Also released on by both companies on CD.

    An Japanese style " title obi" was included with the special edition highlights listed :
    Audiophile quality,Digitally Remastered from Original Vault tapes,pressed on premium 150 gram vinyl,also available on high quality cassette.
    When obi is removed the are no titles on front cover.

    Note: Mexican Polydor cover does show album title on front and Spanish text on back.

    note the crude Polydor label on the African press ,bottom row

    Billboard ad talks about this package being a primer for a new generation of listeners

    Funny that Reprise would issue a high quality vinyl while at the same time begin to phase out vinyl production in favor of CD
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    Re: Kiss the Sky ...... special edition album

    this was my first exposure to Jimi at the tender age of 11 or 12. My mom plopped it into my Xmas stocking one year and my life was forever changed.

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