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Thread: Villanova Junction - cool acoustic version

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    Villanova Junction - cool acoustic version

    Here's an interesting and mellow sounding acoustic improvisation of Jimi's Woodstock version of Villanova Junction (one of my all-time favourites from all of Jimi's compositions).
    Unusual looking guitar and amazing sound recording (I assume reverb added after?)

    Plus it appears to have been played and filmed on a rooftop in Lhasa, Tibet as you can occassionally see what appears to be the Potala Palace in the background.

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    Re: Villanova Junction - cool acoustic version

    Nice version indeed,but allthough it looks like he's playing live,he sure must have reprosessed the sound quite considerly.
    Can't imagine such nice low tones comming from such a little guitar body!?!? Didn't know this guy yet,but after checking him out
    on you tube,I found him a verry interesting experimental guitar player.His name is Steve Tibbets (Tibet !?)
    And about the palace in Lhassa,there's so much you can do with a blue screen nowadays,though this looks quite genuine,
    For those of you that like experimental music go check out this entry by Olvator,it's verry interesting!!!!!!

    All the best,
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    Re: Villanova Junction - cool acoustic version

    that was some nice stuff. id be lying if i said id seen that guitar before

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