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Thread: IFOedit-make NTSC->PAL/PAL->NTSC without converting video(freeware)

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    IFOedit-make NTSC->PAL/PAL->NTSC without converting video(freeware)

    works great if you want to change a NTSC-DVD to PAL or PAL to NTSC
    No video conversion is needed

    only drawback I came across is that it may off the menu by 1 place(if there even is a menu)....
    best off all it's free

    Simple instructions:
    -----Save your original IFO file before doing any editing just in case you screw up...
    1) open IFOedit...
    2) load a IFO files(found in VIDEO_TS directory)
    3) go thru entries(not many at all)...wherever you see NTSC...right click and change to PAL or change PAL to NTSC..whatever system you need.
    4) save the new edited IFO file....
    5) repeat for all IFO files....usually 2 or 3 only...
    5) DVD will now be playable on PAL or NTSC player with no converting of video
    I wouldn't recommended it if I didn't think it was any good....pretty useful here on CTT due to the fact that many torrents are either PAL or NTSC.


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