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Thread: Maui shows

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    Maui shows

    Just been listening to the two Maui shows and there are some real highlights in it. Can't work out why there has never been an Official release. I know mitches drums are over dubs and there's some rough spots in both sets but there's enuf good stuff for a great live compilation. I know we want complete releases but lets be honest, that ain't EH's thing son that won't ever happen. I think a package if a highlights cd coupled with the remaining footage DVD would be a great idea. Oh well. Maybe one day. Lucky the boot legs are good condition.
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    Re: Maui shows

    As you say, a cleaned up 1 CD "best of" the Mauii shows could perhaps be put together by Kramer, coupled with a DVD (however NOT the whacky film "Rainbow Bridge").
    Maybe they'll do that once they've released Miami, RAH, Atlanta and more BOG at the Fillmore.

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    Re: Maui shows

    Hi there Weavzy
    don't know if you ever checked this one out ?
    It's Mike Parkers Video Version,with all the known Video footage synced to soundboard (drum overdub though)
    And the missing film footage filled in with Hawaian ambience shots.
    Quite nicely done.

    All the best,

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