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Thread: 1970-01-16 Record Plant, New York, NY, USA

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    1970-01-16 Record Plant, New York, NY, USA

    Friday, January 16th, 1970

    Send My Love To Linda
    Power Of Soul
    Burning Desire


    Jimi Hendrix
    Buddy Miles
    Billy Cox
    Bob Hughes

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    Re: 1970-01-16 Record Plant, New York, NY, USA

    Friday 16 January 1970
    Record Plant, New York City.
    Billy & Buddy’s final pay cheques are authorised with Jimi’s signature.
    Producer: Jimi Hendrix (Heaven Research Unlimited)
    Engineers: Bob Hughes & Dave Ragno

    Jam #1 (“A short up-tempo jam, basically a rhythm pattern”) unreleased
    Jam #2 (“With solo guitar & vocal”) unreleased
    “Rough sketches”:
    Send My Love To Linda (take 1) (1)
    Send My Love To Linda (take 2) (2)
    Send My Love To Linda (take 3) (3)
    “Hendrix’ vox & guitar set the pace, then Cox & Miles join in.
    none of these ‘Linda’ takes fully developed”:
    Send My Love To Linda (takes 1 - 5) unreleased
    ‘Paper Airplanes’ (Power Of Soul) (takes 1 - 5) (30 - 35)
    Take 6 “Showed promise, still not fully formed.”
    Takes 11 & 12 “Also complete, but none acceptable as backing track”:
    ‘Paper Airplanes’ (Power Of Soul) (takes 6 - 12) unreleased
    “No finished backing track was achieved”:
    Burning Desire (take 5) (11) See 19 Jan
    Burning Desire (takes 1 - 4) unreleased

    Dave Ragno: "You really could see that Jimi had turned the corner. Jimi cut back on the party crowd and was trying to focus on his work. He came in alone on a lot of nights, just wanting to do guitar overdubs or experiment with some mix ideas that he had. His creativity was on the upswing because he didn't have all of these people around him. His own drug use, just by what we could see, had also diminished. It was a healthier situation.”
    [Jimi, was at his most creative when surrounded by people, eg the ELL sessions, or had a busy schedule as in 1967. What would Ragno really know about Jimi’s drug use, from day to day, just from being an assistant engineer on a couple of sessions? A week later (23rd) they are recorded smashed and fooling around in the studio, just a few days prior to Jimi’s debacle at Madison Sq Gardens? So much for a “healthier situation!” Ed.]

    “I got to see a different side of him as compared to when the Experience was falling apart during the spring. He was a sensitive, gentle person who was creative and enjoyed a genuine laugh.

    [It doesn’t appear that Ragno was invoved in the few JHE sessions that spring? Ed.]

    “We would often go up to the roof of the Record Plant with [engineer] Jack Adams and make paper airplanes. We would have contests to see who could throw them farther across the street. [Record Plant co-owner] Chris Stone must have won*dered where all the stationery was going!"
    [Why would Jimi be going up on the roof “often” to throw paper airplanes? It was the depths of a New York winter, and was surely costing him enough money & time already just trying to get the BOG project together, without playing truant on his own sessions? This statement would need to be about a much earlier session in Nov 69 when Ragno & Adams actually worked together with Jimi, in this 1970 time frame Bob Hughes was the chief engineer. He appears to be implying that this is what influenced Jimi’s lyric in ‘Power Of Soul’? If so, it would need to have happened on or before the 7th of Nov 1969 as this was the last session that Adams is recorded working on, prior to the 21 Nov 69 session with Tony Bongiovi & Tom Flye, when this name and lyric is first recorded being used for the song. Anyway it's clearly about coming of smack/downers whatever, and the 'paper airplanes' would be the wraps for powders. Ed.]
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