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Thread: 1970-01-19 Record Plant, New York, NY, USA

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    1970-01-19 Record Plant, New York, NY, USA

    Monday, January 19th, 1970

    Burning Desire


    Jimi Hendrix
    Buddy Miles
    Billy Cox
    Bob Hughes


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    Re: 1970-01-19 Record Plant, New York, NY, USA

    Monday 19 January 1970, Record Plant, New York City. BOG
    Producer: Jimi Hendrix (Heaven Research Unlimited)
    Engineers: Bob Hughes & Dave Ragno

    “No master produced”:
    Burning Desire (several takes, basic tracks, overdubs?) unreleased

    Jimi – guitar:
    Backward Guitar Experiment
    “A piece with two backward guitar parts, which he then experimented with. It’s clear he was trying to achieve a particular sound and effect.”
    Send My Love To Linda (take 1) (16 Jan) (mixing) unreleased?
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