Hi everybody
I'm a new member and older trader (postal) of boots of Jimi (and others)
Now i have renewed my interest about because I have two audience recordings (one of these maked by a friend) of the same concert of The Guitar Trio (Paco De Lucía, Al Di meola and John McLaughlin) in 1996 in Barcelona, Spain. I was there too!
I hope you can help me with this and tell me what program can i use to do (mac) a vibratory merge or tell me if you know any tutorial or guide or link about this question.

I have Soundtrack Pro from Final Cut, Logic Pro and i edited the first song of this great concert with audacity and it sounds good but i have problems with others songs with speed or synchronization.

Take the oportunity to introduce you my progresive rock group called ZUMAQO where i play bass guitar.

cheers and i'm happy stay here
love and peace from Barcelona