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Thread: GSpot v2.70a(Free)

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    GSpot v2.70a(Free)

    I thought I posted this long ago...guess not,
    nice simple free utility program....comes in handy at times.
    GSpot v2.70a(Free)

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    GSpot establishes what video codecs (audio and video) are required
    to play an AVI file. It determines whether these codecs are installed
    on your system and isolates problems associated with these codecs.

    It uses simple operation - Basic use: "File > Open", then read results.

    It also identifies download induced problems (truncated files,
    "cooked" files, etc.).

    It shows framerate, duration, aspect ratio, bitrates, AVI structure info, and more.

    Among many other features are : Displays and allows editing of RIFF info (title, etc);
    displays "hidden" ASCII info, Drag and Drop and "Send To" support,
    multi-file (batch) processing support, Copy/Paste or text export GSpot information
    - format is user configurable, Built-in database of 350 video and 150 audio codec types,
    Advanced UI including "dual-mode" and hyperlinked "persistent" tool tips,
    Full support for OGG media files as well as AVI stream formats,
    Identification (only) of non-AVI files (.mpg, .mov, .qt, .rm, .swf, .wmv, .asf, etc.)
    and Supports VFW, ACM, DirectShow and DMO codec types (audio and video).

    400kb file size

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