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    Quote Originally Posted by outasight View Post
    I like where the 'wizard' says something like 'are we at the temple' and Jimi just rolls his eyes. It's so obvious Jimi was just entertaining this guy. Blowing major smoke up his ass watching his eyes light up. Poor 'wizard' guy.
    '.... Potts says Hendrix was incredibly shy throughout the shoot. In fact, every time they’d commence shooting, Jimi would “freak out.” Finally, before the attic “interview”—which reveals an obviously drunk but very clever and cool-tongued Hendrix—Jimi, then still refusing to do the scene, talked with Potts, who’d escaped to the furthest reaches of the campus and was listening to recordings from Hendrix’s famous Fillmore East concert from New Years’ Eve 1969. Potts says Jimi questioned why he would listen to that, saying it was “imperfect,” and so Potts replied, “Well, it may be imperfect to you, but it’s genius to me.” They downed a few Miller High Lifes, and Hendrix was sufficiently calmed—and inebriated—to do what fans consider the most important and insightful part of the film....'
    '....Hendrix’s music is indeed the movie’s audible cornerstone and his concert its visual climax, but Hendrix himself is little to be found other than in a rather voyeuristic interview conducted in Seabury’s rafters and in perhaps the film’s most fascinating scene, where a grinning Jimi assassinates Barron Bingen from a window at the school’s Cooper House, as he gives a speech next to a green American flag.
    Potts shares some insider knowledge about that intriguing and (as with everything else) incongruous scene—the only violence in the movie. “That was all Jimi’s idea,” Potts says,“We were standing there [outside of the Cooper House] and Barron was giving his speech. Then, he just runs up there, grabs that gun—which he must have seen up there at some point—and just did that.” Potts says Hendrix told him, over the course of their time spent on Maui and “having breakfast every morning for three weeks,” that he was under a lot of pressure from the Black Panthers to step to the forefront of the civil rights movement. That, Potts guesses, was likely the root of his motivation for the scene.....'

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