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    What is a vine?

    A vine is a growing chain of people that receive and send shows using snail mail. The only cost to participants is the price of postage (and perhaps a new bubble mailer if needed). It all starts with a Vine Seeder.

    The Seeder:

    This is a generous person who wants to share a show with others without getting anything in return other than good karma. Anyone can seed a vine, just be sure to follow the format and rules for seeding below.

    Seeding a Vine:

    Please make the title of the thread to conform to this format: (band/artist) - (year-month-day) (venue information) (file format i.e. FLAC, SHN, PAL, NTSC) (i.e.- Matisyahu 2006-03-21 The Orange Peel Asheville, NC (FLAC) OR Sonic Youth 1988 thru 1991 9 shows/1 DVDr (FLAC) OR Various Artists Bonnaroo 2005 30 shows/5 DVDr (FLAC and SHN))
    Include the text file for the show in the thread.
    Check your md5's or FLAC fingerprints before sending it out.

    The Process:

    The Seeder starts a thread announcing the vine they are going to seed. Please make the title of the thread to conform to this format: (band/artist) - (year-month-day) (venue information) (file format i.e. FLAC, SHN, PAL, NTSC). Inside they post the text file for the show and any other information people might want. (i.e. how many discs, format: shn, audio, FLAC). and the beginning of a list template. Please see the Vine Rules for a more detailed explanation of this.

    Then people start to sign up for the vine. For instructions on how to sign up for a vine, see the : How to sign up properly for a vine FAQ Good practice is to email the person above you when you sign up. Keep in mind that you might get an email requesting the information again if the vine list is long. A lot of people don't/won't save emails for that long.

    When you are next on the list the person above you will mail the discs to you. All you need to do is to make copies of the discs and then send the original discs to the next person on the list. Please do this in a timely fashion.

    So what you get is a great show, and all you have to do is to re-address the bubble mailer and stamp it and send it on its way.

    Communication is the key to vines running smoothly, Email, PM's, and posts in the thread will be really helpful to all involved.

    Breaking Vines / Vine Killers:

    If you break a vine and do not pass it on you will be added to the Vine Killers List here and you will be blocked from participating in the vine section here. Communication is the best way to avoid this from happening. If you have any kind of problems with a vine or the person above you let me know and we will try to work it out. If you become a problem person you will be added to the banned list.

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